We want you to know why we do the things we do. Black Sheep Cafe is set upon the standard of providing innovative food with exemplary service. We strive to create events and dishes that are unique to your taste buds, but pleasant to your familiarity.


About 80% of what we do is "From-Scratch". This is not a term we use loosely. We keep a standard on providing freshly made food every day. Although the doors to guests do not open until 11 am, they are open for staff, that is working tirelessly since 9am to prepare for food for the lunch shift. That is the reason why we close at 2:30pm, so that we can focus on making that night special for our dinner guests.


It means that the majority of your food is made right there on the spot. Fries are freshly peeled and cut day of. Meat is bought in whole and ground and weighed into individual patties. Sauces are created like they need to be, not coming from a can bought in bulk. It means that the food you eat is carefully prepared to meet a higher standard, recipes constantly changing to deal with the changing flavors of fruits and vegetables.


Our goal is for all of you to appreciate innovative food in the town of Provo, Utah. We wish to be able to break the barriers that hold restaurants at mediocre and provide people with something greater. We plan to take risks and see the rewards.


A Fusion is when cultures come together to produce something even greater. Fusion is found in cultures in many places, perhaps places that you have not yet realized. Japanese Tempura came from Portuguese sailors. Peruvian Lomo Saltado came from Chinese immigrants introducing soy sauce. Barbecue is a blend of American meats with the cultural celebration of indigenous people of both Africa and the Polynesian islands.

Here at Black Sheep Cafe, we introduce Native American, Mexican, and Southwestern Heritage all into the mix. Proud to say, that we are the only one of its kind. Really, we are. Every now and then, we have the liberty to hold "Pop-Up Dinners", where we can show off what fusions we have to share, featuring our Chefs.


Pop-Ups are a one-night-only event that is typically 4+ courses of food orchestrated for this specific event. It includes great decor, photography, and food worth mention. It is a celebration of creativity that allows people of different walks to come together. We are pleased to say that we work in connection with various companies to make these Pop-Ups an experience worth having. For example, visit our Instagram page.


You are in Provo. You want something different. You feel adventurous. You want something to talk about. You want to expect the unexpected. All these reasons should be enough to come to Black Sheep Cafe. If it's not, then let me tell you this. Come for the Cactus Pear Lemonade and the Sweet Potato Wedges. We will let those convince you to stay.